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Yeah right. More liberal gloom and doom.

2012 is a 2009 disaster directed by Roland Emmerich which is another liberal scare tactic. It is literally the same thing as The Day After Tomorrow which was a fake film about global warming. Sony bought the rights to it for a substantial amount of money which will lead to it going bankrupt and the end of the PS3. The XBOX will dominate the marketplace.

Plot Edit

Global warming or some other made up liberal thing leads to the end of the world and the survivors have to try and survive.

Production Edit

The film was shopped with a budget of, according to people who do Tea Party estimates, 300 billion dollars. Sony purchased the rights and now will have to get out of gaming because there going to be bankrupt.

Cast Edit

John Cusack - Same guy he always plays
Amanda Peet - Ex Wife
Danny Glover - President Obama
Andre 3000 - Chef of Staff
Woody Harrelson - crazy guy from Independents Day

Marketing Edit

The film is being marketed just like all the other films by Emmerich which rely completely on special effects which makes them fun popcorn movies. Not every movie has to be freakin Citizen Kane sometimes you just want to relax and watch some mindless fun. Sorry Im not a pretentious arthouse snob who watches indie movies like LOST in Translation.