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Al'an Iverson (born June 7, 1975) is a thug.

Early life Edit

Born in Hampton, Virginia, Iverson was a quarterback, point guard, and hate criminal in high school. Of course he was granted clemensy for his hate crime because its only racist when WE do it. Never mind that he killed a white girl.

College Edit

Iverson got into Georgetown threw there racial quota system was given the starting point guard job due to afermative action. He decided to leave early for the NBA because its embarassing when your in college and dont even know how to read or right. He probally mispelled almost everyother word.

NBA Edit

The Philadelphia 1776ers drafted Iverson #1 in the 1996 draft. He immediately became known as the biggest thug in the league. With his tattoos, his dreads, and his pulling guns on people who did NOT break into his house, he was truely a scumbag. He released a rap album where he talked about killing all the white people. He parked in handicap spots which are reserved for liberals because there all mentally handicapped. He skipped practice and said "we talkin bout practice yo dog Im bout bout it" (thats how they talk). However Iverson was good as hogging the ball and was able to win some scoring titles an an MVP award. However he still didnt get chosen for the 2000 Olympic team because he was deemed to dangerous to travel abroad. Eventually the 1776ers realized he was NOT what are Founding Fathers intended and shipped him over to Denver which is where gay people live. They didnt want him either because they already had Caramello Anthony, JR Smith, and Kenyon Martin known as Thug Posse. They exiled him to Detroit where he could be among his own kind. Detroit didnt want him either, so he left for Memphis. On November 25, 2009 he anounced his retriement, which is against the 5th commandment.

Contraversy Edit

This guy is a walking contraversy, literally. He killed a white girl in high school, he smokes a lot of "pot" and he pulls his strap on anyone who tries to step (thats how he talks). One time he urinated in a trash can in a casino in front of people, which should have made him a sex offender. But at the trial he said that he might have gotten uromysotisis poisoning and died. The prosecuter tried to cross examine but attorney Jackie Chiles said "my clients medical condition is NOT on trial here" and then the governer pardoned him AGAIN. Then he called the dress code racist. How can a dress code be racist? Thats like calling a table racist. And lets NOT forget that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent for uh, domestic, you know, within the city, that aint legal either.


What's that? Practice? Don't talk about - practice? You kidding me? Practice? I just hope we can win a game, another game!