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Much like union thugs Obama and Biden love drinking on the job

The Beer summit was an outrage that took place when Barack Obama forced the cop who he called stupid (who was just doing his job) to have beer with him and Henry Gates, the complaining race card playing liberal elitist ivory tower professor. Seriously? This is what are president does? Sorry I thought you might be doing things like fighting terrorism or some kind of actual work, but instead your forcing cops to drink beer with you. I guess this is the hope and change he was talking about, considering his predecessor George W. Bush didnt even drink beer and actually did work. Oh also I like how Obama pretended to like Bud light to pretend hes one of us. He is NOT one of us and he tries to hard. Im glad I didnt vote for him. Bud light is more like a George W. Bush type of beer, and THAT is somebody I would like to share a beer with. Thats why I voted for him.

The Gates IncidentEdit

Gates was arrested for breaking into a house. Dont wanna get arrested DONT BREAK INTO PEOPLES HOUSES its pretty simple. And what does Obama do when he finds out? Calls the cop stupid. Why? Because the cop was White and Gates is black, simple. Obama is a racist. Lets not even mention Reverend Wright, Sotomayor and Van Jones. The evidence just keeps piling up that Obama hates all White people and wants to put us all in FEMA camps. Then when it turns out the cop was right, Obama tries to ply him with alcohol to get him to change his story? This must be the change he was talking about.

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