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cRap group

cRap is a style of "music" which isnt actually music at all. Its just a bunch of people talking and rhyming words. I could do what they do easily.

History Edit

People have been cRapping forever basically since all it is is just talking and your words rhyme. Its basically just poetry except its even worse because it uses made up words and all it is is like "yo yo baby" and "word up to your mother gee phat". They talk about how everything is "dope" and "fresh" and how there homeboys are gonna do a drive by. Then they say that girls are all hoes.

Gangsta Edit

The purpose of rap is to be a "gangsta" which means you do gangbangs and drive bys. Your always talkin about your strap. Now I have no problem with people arming theirselves but these guys arent doing it for self defense, hunting, or threatening libs, there doing it just to be "the bomb" and because they think there "all that". That is NOT "in the house", or as they say "heezy". Thats how they talk.

Famous cRappers Edit

Kanye West

Snoop Doggy Doggy

Tupac Shaquille

The NOTorious big

Will Smith

Ruben Studdard