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The Declaration of Independents

The Declaration of Independents is a document written in 1776 which gives us all are rights. It contains The Ten Commandments known as the The Bill of Rights and also some other Commandments which were added later. It was written at the Constitutional Convention and it established us as a Christian nation. Even tho delungates or delegates or whatever there called decided to say we had freedom of religion they still didnt say no seperation of church and state so it would behoove us to realize that means we have to worship Jesus.

Creation Edit

In 1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and claimed America in the name of England. However over the next hundred years it became clear that REAL Americans did NOT want to be ruled by English. So are Founding Fathers, who were all Independents, went to the Continental Convention as delegates and created the Declaration of Independents that said we are NOT going to pay taxes. Using what God the Founding Father told them they wrote the Declaration on stone tablets which they brought down from Mount Vernon and they all autographed it. It became known as American High yearbook class of 1776 and it mandated that every colonial pack a pistol in the most important commandment which is known as the Second Commandment.


Of course even though the Declaration of Independents contains the word "Creator" Obama continues to omit it [1] because under communism everyone is an atheist who thinks that the imaginary "federal government" gives us rights rather then the real person named God. Of course Obama would say it if it said Allah because liberals are all atheist commie theocrats who worship Allah. So its no surprise Obama keeps omitting "Creator" because he doesnt believe in one. He only believes in the government AKA Islam. Typical liberal hippocrat. America was NOT founded on Islam and it shouldnt be allowed because of the First Commandment which promises no seperation of church and state even though it doesnt say that. Obama hates capitalist pigs because hes a Muslim and they cant eat pork but thats not my problem, the bottom line is we were founded as Christian capitalism and regardless of what you lib sheeple think of Dear Leader if he tries to go attempt to change that it will be the cattelist for a revolution. Thankfully he wont be in charge much longer as my giraphs and polls show that we will soon take are country back and restore Christian values so that gays cant elope and camel jockeys cant build mosques just like are Founding Fathers intended when they promised freedom.

List of Founding Fathers Edit

A list of the people who signed the Declaration includes:

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

Ronald Reagan

James Munro

Ben Franklin

John Quincy Adams

James Madison

Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

Patrick Henry

Herbie Hancock