The Democrat party is the liberal party of slavery. In 1861 they turned there backs on America because they wanted to have Black people as slaves and be Confederates. After they LOST the Civil war to the Republicans they formed the Ku Klux Klan.


Democrats are the ones who are rascist.


The Democrat party are progressive which literally makes them communist. They believe in healthcare reform which has frightening similarities to what Hitler did with the Nazis. They also take a fascist approach of "your either with us or against us" which is NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind at the Boston Tea Party when they wrote the Constitution saying "We the People". The bottom line is that democrats do NOT believe in liberty and independence for all. Instead they want to TAKE everything from us and give it to others. They want to raise taxes on all of use to give those greenbacks to wellfare queens. Ask any economist and they will tell you all this will do is cause the economic bubble to pop. You list me ONE country that has survived under any kind of socalist model. Thats right you cant do it. Thats why we need to put a prohibition on ALL spending. They also want us to sacrifice everything to "go green". And they want us all to be gay and instead of being married to a woman I would have to marry a man in a wig. That is unnatural. Laws clearly state that marriage is between a man and a WOMAN. And they want to deny fetuses the right to life which is a sin. Find me one person who thinks murder ISNT a sin and if you dont want to have a kid then you should have thought of that before you went into labor. There other beleifs are to Blame America First, to hate are troops in the name of "world peace" and freedom to them is a joke. And FYI I think BOTH sides are bad Im actually an Independent with moderate liberatarian leanings who is best described as a conservative Federalist, so Im pretty unbiased here. Thats why I support Sarah Palin, she is a literally a lipstick covered pitbull moose-dressing maverick and her husband is a member of the Alaskan Independence party which makes her an Independent.


The future of the democrat party is grim as everyone has become disillusioned with the marxist Obama. The only reason Obama got in office in the first place was Black Panthers intimindating citizens at the polls and making them have White guilt and then ACORN stuffing the ballot box. But now there is a grassroots effort to get people involved and we will fight back by bringing are guns to the polls and if you try to mess with us we will put a silver bullet right between youre eyes because thats how you kill a vampire.