An illustration of a man evilving

Evolution is a theory that human beings are dissented from monkeys. It was first proposed by Charles Darwin, who later recanted his testimony and admitted that it was NOT true. Contraversy continues though as liberals continue to insist that evolution is the truth while ignoring the massive mountain of evidence that proves otherwise, just because it makes them feel better. Look, we are NOT animals. We were created by God in his image and formed like a beautiful pearl, jampacked with qualities that you cant see anywhere else in the animal kingdom, like a soul. In fact you cant see a soul anywhere, period. Explain that away liberals!

Theory Edit

Charles Darwin went to Hawaii and saw some birds. For some reason he thought this meant that we came from monkeys. His theory is that after many years monkeys will all of a sudden give birth to humans. This has never been observed. Additionally, it would take millions of years for evolution to occur, and the earth is only a few thousand years old. Plot hole!