The Free market is a chain of markets owned by God. He bags everything we need using His Invisible Hand and then charges us NOTHING with 0% sales tax because tax is WRONG. All it costs is a simple donation, because when your NOT taxed you end up giving that money in donations which is way more efficient. The donations cost ONLY as much as your willing to pay, because if you dont want to pay that you will just go to another market and get it. The system works.

Discovery Edit

For many years we thought we had to pay a set price for all are stuff at the market. But one of the few people who actually has met God was the first MAN, Adam Smith. He is the one who explained that God personally told him about a market where we could get everything for free, as long we donated the price that God wanted us to. The prices were set by the market, the difference is that this market was NOT regulated by the government therefore it was a lot better, because it gave us more choices. So lets convert all the markets into free markets and then we can shop for health insurance the same way we shop for groceries, because there literally the same thing.

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