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Clint Eastwood in Grand Turismo

Grand Turismo is a 2008 film starring Clint Eastwood as a STRAIGHT, redblooded American MAN. It is based on the Grand Turismo series of games.

Plot Edit

As the story opens Clint Eastwood's wife is dead and at her funeral he discovers his grandkids are a bunch of libtards. Afterwards some Indian or whatever neighbors come over to impose on him, and Eastwood is angry because as a Korean War HERO, for these people who killed his fellow soldiers to try and ask for handouts from him is literally a slap in the face. Later, as minoritys often do, the neighbors try to steal his car to impress a gang. The kid breaks into his house and is almost shot but escapes. Later he apologizes and Eastwood tells him to do work.

Eventually Eastwood decides that the boy could be useful in rooting out terrorists in his community and decides to train him. However other members of his gang do NOT like the fact that he is working for a White man and they rape his sister. Welcome to Obamas America. Eastwood tells the kid that he will handle things. He goes to the gang hideout and kicks open the door, asking "who owns this shithole". He then shoots the owner and turns the gun to the gangs ringleader. The gun misfires but he tosses it and then pulls out a pistol and shoots all of them. Afterwards the ringleader insists he doesn't deserve this, to die like this, he was building a house. Eastwood reminds him that deserves got nothing to do with it. He then returns to his home where it is rumored he prospered in dry goods.

Reception Edit

Grand Turismo opened to Rave reviews However the film has been criticized for straying to far from the original games, much like the cinematic classic Double Dragon.

Cast Edit

Clint Eastwood - Grand Turismo

Quotes Edit

"I live my life a quarter mile at a time." - Killer Kowalski

"Boy does my a@@ hurt from all the guys at my construction job. P.S. I am NOT gay" - Toad