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I like playboy, UFC, and Jessica Alba. I am STRAIGHT.

Heterosexuality is the process of being a STRAIGHT man. I am NOT gay.

Definition Edit

It is literally defined as I like CHICKS. I do NOT like men and thats disgusting. Look I have no problem with gays but why is it they have to literally shove their gayness in are faces? Gross. Look, I am strictly into women. Being gay is a lifestyle choice that I will NOT choose.

History Edit

The history is basically that we were always straight but a few guys decided to be gay which was sick. First of all just the fact that only a man and a woman can make a baby speaks for itself. God wanted us to be with women NOT with each other. Even the liberals who believe in evolution have to admit that if evolution is true, then it wants us to be with women to and thats the only way are species can survive.

Discrimination Edit

Straights are discriminated against in that we dont have any straight clubs, yet gays have there own clubs. Well actually thats fine because that way they can stay away from us, but they need to at least mark there clubs so we know its a gay club otherwise I might accidentally walk in and I am NOT gay and do NOT want to be hit on by these guys. Dont even try it. They have gay pride parades though which is a double standard because you dont see me having a straight pride parade. Thats because I dont need to advertise that I am straight and I dont go around telling people Im straight even though I am. I am a MAN.

Future Edit

The future of heterosexuality is shaky, because these days guys are encouraged to be gay. Pretty soon the human race could be exstinkt.