Under Obamas plan he would be killed by a death panel

Hizzy [1] is a show about a doctor who helps patients when nobody else can. Under Obamas plan Dr. House wouldnt even be a doctor. You would have to wait months to be able to see one and by then you would be dead. Also Dr. House would be a bad doctor and he wouldnt even know whats wrong with you. Id rather do surgery on myself then see a doctor under socialized medicine.


The plot of House is that hes a jerk and a drug addict (Typical liberal hollywood trying to smear doctors which is why they support Obama who wants to make doctors slaves). But he is also a genius doctor, unlike Dr. Dre who only got into medical school because of afermative action. Therefore he can usually find out whats wrong with a patient by the end of the episode even though nobody else could. And it is NOT lupus.


Dr. House is played by Hugh Grant. His fellow doctors and nurses are played by a bunch of women who I want to bang because I am STRAIGHT, Mike Tomlin, and some terrorist who left the show to go pal around with Obama after he released him from Guantanamo Bay.