Independents Day is a 1996 blockbuster epic film is epic. It starred Will Smith, Bill Paxton and Jeff Goldbloom.
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Never forget

Plot Edit

Thanks to the work of the previous liberal administration, the President is having a hard time dealing with all the aliens who crossed the border. He decides to build a wall and the aliens fight back. They cause 9/11 and begin to kill all the heretics. Fueled by drugs, they are impervis to pain and even the stuff that normally kills aliens such as water. However Jeff Goldbloom decides that he can use his computer hacking skills as long as somebody knows how to fly a spaceship. A black guy says that he knows how and the President has no choice but to believe him. Toegether they use Apple computers to destroy the alien fleet and then return to Earth to smoke blunts and for the black guy to raise his non biological son along with the stripper hes married to.

Reviews Edit

Reviews said that the movie was very unrealistic in many parts but praised the realism of a black guy raising a non biological son with a stripper. Also unrealistic was that the alien terrorists made no reference to Islam.

Cast Edit

Will Smith - black guy

Bill Paxton - president

Jeff Goldbloom - Mac

Randy Quaid - drunk

Marlon Brando - Alien #7

Quotes Edit

"I am a MAC. I am NOT a pc." - Jeff Goldbloom

"I have GOT to get me one of THIS. So much THIS." - Will Smith

"Now thats what I call a close encounter of the third kind." - Will Smith

"Welcome to earth. Youve got mail" - Will Smith

"Did you just say cold? Thats a great idea Dad your a genius all I have to do is use my Powerbook to send an email to the aliens that contains a virus. Hopefully there spaceship is mac compatible and they will be tempted to download this attachment TeriHatcher.jpg.  - Jeff Goldbloom

"God creates man man destroys God, man destroys aliens man creates dinosaurs" - Jeff Goldbloom

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