Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom

is a 1986 blockbuster movie directed by Steven Sodomburgh. It takes place many years after Raiders of the LOST Ark and shows how Indian Jones became so despaired by the liberal bereaucrats in Washington that he actually thought about moving to another country. This is similar to how rich people move to other countries from America because they get taxed to much.
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Followed by Indian Jones and the Lord of the Rings

Plot Edit

Indian Jones returns to his Indian homeland to discover his heritage. However he finds more then he bargained for! A liberal plot is underway to restore the Terrorist Party to leadership, and these savages do things such as rip peoples hearts out and eating monkey brains and eyeball soup. The leader of the liberals is Mola ROM who has a lot of disturbing parallels to Obama. He wants to gather the Infinity Gems and summon St. Ajora. Eventually Indian Jones stops him with the help of some oriental kid and Mola ROM is eaten by an alligator. Then Jones gives the stones to the village and goes back to America where he can eat hamburgers instead of beatles and snakes.

Reception Edit

Temple of Doom was the poorest recieved of the Indian Jones movies, mostly because it centered around a fake religion unlike Raiders of the LOST Ark and The Last Crusader. Reviewers said that it was to much mumbo jumbo and not a fun popcorn movie like the previous film.

Cast: Edit

Harrison Ford - Indian Jones
Kate Capshaw - Girl
Cory Feldman - Oriental kid
Anthony Quinn - Mola ROM
Sayid from LOST - Various
Kumar - Various
Supertroopers Guy - Various