Fox news middle east map-1-

Isreal shown on a v accurate map of the middle east. FOX News shows BOTH sides of maps

Isreal is best known for being the setting of the first few minutes of Adam Sandler's You do NOT mess with the Zohan.  Isreal is are greatest ally and the only country in the middle east that shouldn't be turned in a GLASS. PARKING. LOT. NOW.  Isreal was invented by God in like 3000 bc.  He gave it to the Jewish people where they lived happily until the Muslins took it over (religion of peace my A@@).  Long story short back in 1940 or whatever Makmood Akmujahideenajad started the hologram in Nazi Germany which killed like a lot of Jews.  If only they had guns it could've been prevented and now Obama wants to take away ARE guns?  I'm not saying Obama is literally Hitler but the similarites are chillingly eary.  Where was I oh yeah after America turned Germany into a GLASS. PARKING. LOT. THEN. there were like a lot of Jews who didn't have anyone to stay with and they didn't want to impose on Germany so they all went to this desserted dessert where literally no one lived.  On there dessert island they watched a lot of popcorn movies like American Pie and Transforminator 2 Judgment Day.  Then one day muslins showed up and claimed that they had been there just because it was "true."  I don't think anything important happened after that.