Johnny Cash was the man in black (good movie). He is known for singing songs and for starring in the movie Walk the Line.

Johnny Cash

TV career Edit

As host of the Tonight Show Johnny Cash made audiences laugh every night with his impressions such as the Great Ziegfield. His sidekick Vince Mcmahon would often say "Heeeeeeres Johnny!" quoting the Shining starring Jack Nicklaus. Then Johnny would come out and make jokes which he called the monolog. After 30 years Johnny retired and was replaced by Jason "Jay" Leno.

Music career Edit

In his music career Johnny was known for such songs as Hurt, which he wrote about his wife. And also for "Ring of Fire" about what happens when you dont except Christ as youre savior. He served time in Folsom prison for breaking and entering.

Movie career Edit

He won an Oscar for his portrayal in Walk the Line. His wife Reese Witherspoon won for best actress.

Death Edit

Cash died