Juan Williams is a PC police victim and FOX News contributor. He is proof that FOX News shows BOTH sides and lets YOU decide. Also he is proof that they are NOT racist.


After admitting what we all think about Muslims, he was fired from his job. I guess freedom of speech doesnt apply unless the libs agree with it. Its pretty scary to see whats in store for us under Obama as free speech is no longer ok. Martial law has already been declared if we arent safe to speak are minds. If you libs could stop giving Obama BJs for one second and take your heads out of the sand you would see what Im talking about. I mean Im no fan of Juan Williams but when even he is being targeted for not being liberal enough then maybe you should consider common sense has gone AWOL. Martin Luther King himself had a problem with dangerous Muslims...are you calling MLK a racist? The truth is there is no safe way to fly on an airplane when Muslims are on board and this isnt a race issue its a public safety issue. If someone said "Whites are responsible for the Holocaust" do you think O'Reilly would have had a problem with it? Hell no. But just for the record Whites WERENT responsible for the holocaust commies were. But anyway the point is that if Muslims had there way we would all die and we cannot forget the way they attacked us on 7/11 so God Bless the USA & Protect us from Islam.

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