Hates White people

Kanye West (born June 8, 1977) is a race baiter and a cRapper who is known for his rascist comments.

Early life Edit

Kanye West was the child of Black Panthers. He learned at an early age to hate Whites.

Early Career Edit

West became a producer for cRap, as in he would sit in the studio and take OTHER peoples music and steal it, then speed up the sound to make it sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks. For some reason this is considered "music". First of all sampling is the same thing as stealing and then to make it sound like that is stupid. Also cRap glorifies drugs, crime and it degrades women by calling them hoes. Calling people hoes is WRONG.

Later Career Edit

Being an attention ho, West decided he needed to become a cRapper himself and released the college dropout, which is an album about how he got into college using afermative action and quotas, taking the spot from a White student who deserved it more, and then dropped out anyway because he would rather go on wellfare. It features such songs as Slow Jams, which he sampled from Four tet, Through the Wire which is a song about how he learned to sell drugs from a TV show, and Jesus Walks which is blasphemy. It became a hit because people buy cRap in droves because of white guilt. He then made more songs about his school experience such as Late Registration and Graduation, allthough he only ever acheved the former. His most popular song is Gold Digger, about how he hates women, whom he calls hoes.

Controversy Edit

West first came into the national spotlight when he said "George Bush does NOT care about Black people" which is playing the race card. He blamed Bush for Hurricane Katrina which is ridiculous because people cant cause hurricanes. He complained when he didnt win awards and played the race card. Finally he raped Taylor Swift and said that the award should have gone to a Black woman which is rascism. Even Obama called him a jackass, which was very unpresidential of him.

Personal life Edit

Kanye West is a jackass. Hes also gay. His mom died while getting plastic surgery.