He looks VERY presidential

Lou Dobbs (born September 24, 1945) is a liberal who is not as bad as other liberals because he at least recognizes the danger posed by Mexicans and others who aren't REAL Americans. Which I cant say because of the PC police but let me give you a clue there not exactly the kind of Americans that came over on Plymouth Rock.

Mexicans Edit

Dobbs recognizes that the biggest problem facing America today is Mexicans. While the Dems are trying to waste our time with health care everyday some Mexican is getting a DUI or speaking Spanish somewhere. By 2050 are country will be more hispanic then white. Thats NOT what America was founded on.

Obama Edit

Dobbs has been adament that Obama needs to show his actual birth certificate. We can NOT have an immigrant in charge of America. Thats not what Americas about. The founding fathers would be rolling over in there graves if they knew we were even letting immigrants into this country.