Ambition makes ME look ugly? Have fun under socilism libtard.

Radiohead are a pretentious indie arthouse band from the Nanny State. The band consists of Tom York (vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, beats), Johnny Greenwood (guitar, keyboard), et al. There fans are all sheeple and they are NOT a fun popcorn band. Sorry I like bands that I can actually rock out to like Metallica, Iced Earth, Opeth and Matchbox 20. 

History Edit

Radiohead formed in 1985 but because they sucked they couldnt get there music played until 1992. They released Creep which people only listened to because they thought it was Creep by Stone Temple Pilots. Then they become famous. They later released The Bends which is an album only girls could like. The song Fake Plastic Trees was notable for its description of Dr. Ron Paul who used to do surgeries on girls in the 80s. Then they released Ok Computer an album about how there a bunch of PC libtards. They released 2 more albums called Amnesiac and Kid A which no one cared about. Then they released Hail to the Theif about Obama who stole the election with the help of ACORN. Finally imbracing there English socilist roots they tried to give away a Gay Rights album "In Rainbows" which basically ruined there career. Couldnt have happened to a bunch of nicer libtards.

Legacy Edit

You can blame these guys for Coldplay, Muse, Snow Patrol, Keane. They have influenced all the gayest bands in the world. There so freaking overrated and it sucks that they take airplay away from actual good music like some freakin 3 Doors Down and Kid Rock the AMERICAN bada@@.