Rainman is a movie about a guy with autism which is a high functioning form of autism. It stars Tom Crews and Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman won a Daytime Emmy for his portrayal of Judge Wapner.


Charlie Babbitt is sad because he has the unfortunate name of Charlie Babbitt. Then he finds out that his father is dead, but left all his money to someone else to avoid having to pay the Death Tax imposed by Obama. He finds out its his autistic brother, who Obama will kill in a death panel because he really wants that money. Thats what progressives want, they want to kill you so they can get youre money. Charlie takes his brother to Las Vegas to make some money playing Blackjack, its called the free market deal with it libs. Later Janet Reno bursts into Charlies house and takes his brother at gunpoint, then returns him to Cuba. Typical liberal.


"Kmart sucks!"
"You know what, YOU suck"