Scarface (1984) is an American Icon, and a living legend.

Plot Overview Edit


Actual GOOD movie. Delicious dessert

Directed by the legendary Brian de Paloma and written by lying libtard Oliver Stone, Scarface is the true story of Tony Mantegna, and his rise to power in Miami, Florida. Tony has one rule in life - never hurt woman or children. He defects from Commie Cuba and comes to America. Along with his friend Manny Ramirez Tony decides hes going to be a drug dealer. Selling cocaine to other immigrants he soon becomes rich, and buys a tiger. He also marries a race trader. However, soon he finds himself at odds with other immigrants, because he refused to kill some kids. Frankly I think anyone who hurts kids is just the worst human being ever and should be killed. Hurting women and children is deSPICable and these immigrants should be ashamed. A song I think they need to listen to is "Do you feel like a man when you push her around. Do you feel better know as she falls to the ground." Trying to blow up kids...this is why these terrorists dont deserve any rights. Palestinians want you to feel sorry for them when in fact they use there OWN children as human shields and blow them up. If anyone tries to blow up MY daughter I will kill you to death, fatally. Just try it. I dare anyone to kill my daughter and then you will see that I am SERIOUS.

Danny DeVito-1-

My name is Tony Mantagna. You killed my father. Prepare to die

Cast Edit

Tony Mantegna - Joe Pesci

Manny - Joe Mantegna

Gina - Mary Elizabeth Mastoronto

Elvira - Michelle Fifer

Omar - F Murry Aberham

Scarface - Heath Ledger


"say hello to my little friend..and this is for you"


"i am NOT gay"

Quotes Edit

"You talkin to me? What am I funny like a clown?" - Tony

"You wanna know how I got this scar?" - Scarface

"It was just Manny being Manny!" - Gina

"Say goodnight to the bad guy" - Razor Ramone