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I support the troops

Soldiers are are greatest Heroes (good show). They were invented in Sparta but soon spread to all over the world. We deppend on them for are freedoms. Heres an idea, in honor of the American soldier, how about the media stops lying about Sarah Palin? That is the best way to honor them.


Soldiers were invented in ancient Greece. The Greek Gods Zeus and Posiedon declared war on the Titans this was known as the Trojan War.

In AmericaEdit

Soldiers often out of the love of there country sign up for either the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine Corps. Brides are left at home where they definitely dont cheat, while the soldier goes off to serve a tour in a platoon or on a crew or however he is needed to. We need to bring back drafts.

The pussification of America continuesEdit

Todays soldiers dont even break things. Even desserter John Carrey was awarded the Purple Heart bandaid after he went AWOL to escort Hanoi Jane to a Viet Cong meeting where she revealed American secrets leading to the failed Tet Offensive which was repelled by Ho Chi Minh. Somehow they knew we were going to storm the beaches from the Gulf of Tonkin on D-Day.

Famous soldiersEdit

Special Black Ops Agent Ranger SEAL PFC Specialist Codename "The Convincing Savant" who is buried at the Tombstone of the Unknown Marine Core Soldier. R.I.P. and farewell sweet prince.