Spider-MAN is a fictional character in the Marvel universe. He is a MAN who was bitten by a spider and then gained the abilities of spiders such as poison fangs. Spider-man often lures supervillains into his web where he then bites into them and sucks out there insides leaving an empty shell.

Fictional originsEdit

Spider-man was Peter Parker, a nerd who lived in auntys basement and was a typical weakling liberal. But then he gets bit by a spider which gives him super powers. He decides to use his powers to make money which is known as the free market, so he becomes an underground cage fighter named Anderson Silva. He easily wins the match but Dana White is disgusted with his fighting style and refuses to pay him. So he lets some liberal rob the place. Later that same liberal shoots and kills his Uncle Ben and steals all his rice. Dont wanna get shot DONT LET PEOPLE BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE its pretty simple. Spider-man finally becomes a Republican when he realizes with great power comes great personal responsibility and he decides from now on to never be soft on crime again. A hero is born.

Personal lifeEdit

He first fell in love with Gwen Stacey but shortly after mating with Gwen he ate her. After that he didnt marry ANYONE. [1]

In other mediaEdit

Besides being the star of several comic books Spider-man also stars in many movies and TV series, and some video games. And clothes. And lunchboxes.