The Moses Memorial in Washington DC commandmerates (sp?) the day he brought the Ten Commandments down from Mount Vernon

The Ten Commandments AKA the Bill of Rights are the first article of the Declaration of Independents and describe the natural rights of Man as promised by God AKA The founding Father. The most important of these commandments is the Second, which commands us to bear arms. Another important one is the 10th, which says States Rights. Least important are the 4th through 6th which are only from criminals who we shouldnt even give rights to. If someone is accused of molesting MY daughter the only trial he should get is a bullet in his head FROM ME. I am a MAN.

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ONE: Thou shalt have freedom of speech. Thou shalt have freedom of religion but you shall NOT have other gods before ME. I am a GOD. Freedom of religion only goes so far and this is a CHRISTIAN nation.'

TWO: 'Thou shalt bear arms. NO exceptions.

THREE: 'You shall NOT quarter troops, but if you dont then your NOT a patroit. Why do you hate are troops? There literally the gratest heroes in America. Why do you hate America?'

FOUR: 'Thou shalt NOT be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure, unless thy skin is of dark color, or thy beard be long.'

FIVE: 'Thou shalt have due process, unless your accused of terrorism in which case you are an enemy combatant and shall be lucky we dont just kill you. We should just torture your cowardly a@@ to death. I come from a military town so I take this serious.'

SIX: 'You shall have a speedy trial and if you are found guilty you can be KILLED. This is a COMMANDMENT.'

SEVEN: 'You shall not commit adultery. Haha, everyones going to ignore this one arent they? And there still going to consider themselves religious? You humans really crack me up. Before I cast you into hell for youre sins though, I shalt grant you the right to a jury trial (unless the sex cost you less than 20 dollars).'

EIGHT: 'No cruel and unusual punishment unless you do something really bad like steal. Dont wanna get punished cruelly and unusually? DONT BREAK INTO PEOPLES HOUSES its pretty simple, even a caveman could understand if they actually existed which they did NOT.

NINE: 'There are other rights NOT mentioned here. But thou shalt NOT have the right to love thy neighbor if your a man and your neighbor is a man that is disgusting. I created Adam and Even NOT Adam and Steve.'