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Tom Crews (born 19??) is a Christian Scientist best known for playing the cool guy in Collateral and the gay guy in everything else. He is currently married to Katie Homes.

Filmography Edit

The Outsiders

Risky Business

Do the Right Move

Top Gun

Young Guns



Born on the Fourth of July 1776

A Few Good MEN

Jerry Maguire

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished 2

The Seventh Samurai

War of the Worlds


Vanilla Sky

Minority Report (White people are the REAL minority)

Valkyrie Profile

Knight and Day

Personal life Edit

Crews was married to Mimi Rogers who taught him Science. They divorced and he married Nicole Kidman. He was unable to procreate with her due to NOT being straight so they adopted two children. Later he divorced her and married Katie Homes, and she gave birth to a child somehow.

Quotes Edit

"Im gonna sue you. Show me the money!" - to people who call him gay