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project nadal is so advanced you dont even need to be able to turn left

The XBOX is a video game console from Microsoft that is literally the gaming entertainment center of the future. It is projected that by the time Sarah Palin takes office in 2012 that XBOX will have a 100% market share. Sony will have gone bankrupt after spending all its money buying the script for 2012 and the Wii is relegated for your home schooled special ed class which you get to by riding the short bus to mommys basement. Also the PC went exstinkt because Obama passed the cash for clunker computers program which everyone will trade in there PC to get a XBOX.

Liberal conspiracy

For years the liberals used the PC police who are LITERALLY brownshirts to try and make everyone only play games on PC. However when the XBOX was released people began to rise up and demand that they play actual games like Gears of War and Halo instead of PC games like Solitaire and World of Warcrafts. The PC police used undercover agents to ban people from places such as Gametrailers if they pointed out that the PC was an indanger species. When people saw the demos from XBOX at the gaming convention they realized that all the PC has is shovelware just like Sony and Nintendo. Actually they also have vaporware. Duke Nukem Forever anyone? So the liberals lost again just like in the Civil War.